How your personalised video call with Santa works...

Sign up, schedule and pay for your Santa video call.

You will be offered the selection of sessions available with the prices labelled. Select a date and time when you’d like to meet santa and pay through our secure payment gateway. We will send you a confirmation and an email with everything you need to know.

Tell us about the children Santa will be meeting.

The next step will introduce you to our Fact Finding Service which is a series of questions to help Santa to prepare for your call. These include questions about any major life events (new baby brother/sister etc) and forthcoming plans you may have as a family (moving house, getting a puppy). The more personalised information you provide, the more magical your experience will be.

Login to Santa HQ and click your video link to start

Login at just before your scheduled call time to access your video link. And away you go, your very own personalised call with the big man himself!

Get ready to meet Santa

It’s always good to be prepared and Santa runs a friendly but firm timekeeping policy (he gets great practice on his Christmas Eve round-the-world trip!). At the time of your pre-booked video call, connect to Santa through your login on the Santa HQ website. Please ensure you have a reliable wifi source and that you have everyone ready with anything they want to show-and-tell.

Your magical and personalised call with Santa

Once you are ready you will be able to click on the video call icon on the app and wait in anticipation for the jingle of sleigh bells and that big moment when Santa arrives! A ‘Join Now’ button will appear when Santa is ready and an adult will be asked to enter your password. This is part of our safeguarding promise and tells us a grown-up is present with your children. From that moment on, the magic truly begins!

A pre-recorded Christmas Eve Video from Santa

  • A unique pre-recorded video message of 1 minute for you and your family
  • Message will include up to six names (plus pets!) and special mentions of your own Christmas traditions
  • Available to watch from 20th December with a suggested viewing premiere on Christmas Eve!

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