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Video call with Santa

Who is the call suitable for?

Quite simply it is for anyone of any age! Santa welcomes everyone with equal warmth and is rather well versed at adjusting the conversation according to the individuals he is chatting to. Santa HQ is an inclusive experience and the video call is no exception. If your family has any particular requirements from a Special Education Needs and Disability perspective then please do email us at Our aim is to make the call run as smoothly as possible and we will adapt as far as we possibly can to accommodate your requirements.

How do I connect to the call?

The one to one scheduled video calls are hosted through the app via Zoom. You will need a decent internet connection to avoid any disappointments. We recommend that you log on at least 5 minutes in advance of your call as Santa has a very busy diary!

What happens on the call?

Your video call will happen as a family and providing you have given Santa a helping hand by completing our Festive Fact Finding service then he will have everything he needs to lead/steer the conversation. Being Santa he has many many years of experience chatting to children all over the world, and so he knows to expect some children not to let him get a word in and others that might decide to suddenly lose their voice! From the inquisitive to the more reserved, Santa will be prepared to engage at all levels so you can relax and enjoy the experience too.

How will you ensure the video call is safe?

We require an adult to be present throughout for all video calls and we will ensure this happens by asking for your password to access the call. All of our interactive performers have been DBS checked and are professionally trained, highly experienced children’s entertainers. The Santa HQ elves will also be dropping by frequently to listen in and audio-record random video calls for quality control purposes.

What if my child is already seeing Santa in person?

The Santa HQ adventure and video call is designed to complement any existing experiences you might have planned. However, if you feel a video call with one of the elves would be more popular with your family then by all means get in touch with your booking reference and we will do our best to schedule your call with your favourite North Pole elf!

What if I am late or I miss my call?

The elves cannot stress enough how busy this time of year is for Santa HQ and unfortunately we will not be able to guarantee a rescheduled meeting for you. We do understand there might be unavoidable situations that arise and so we will always attempt to provide an alternative call but we cannot guarantee this.

Can I decide to upgrade to a Santa call at a later date?

Yes, of course. If you purchase the Christmas Adventure without the Santa video call and change your mind later then you can simply upgrade to add the call within your account without losing any of your adventure data so far. The purchase you have already made for the app will be deducted from the price of the video call.

To upgrade:

  1. Log in to your account here
  2. Click on the upgrade tab on the left hand side
  3. Press ‘Click here to upgrade’
  4. Choose from the dates and times available
  5. Reserve and checkout

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Reach out to an elf at Santa HQ.


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