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Christmas Adventure

Who is the Christmas Adventure suitable for?

We aim for this experience to be inclusive of anyone who would like to participate. It is designed primarily for children of the believing age/inclination but that does not exclude anyone older from taking part. We have designed a guide for families with Special Education Needs and Disability requirements to try and maximise the fun and enjoyment. Please email us at to request your copy.

How many activities are there to take part in?

Our elves will take you and your children on a month-long festive adventure throughout December. There are 32 daily tasks in total to experience, some to complete together and others for your children to enjoy without your supervision.

What if I miss one or more activities/days?

That’s fine! The tasks are written into an overarching storyline which the children will follow more easily if they have watched all of the unlocked content in chronological order. That doesn’t mean they have to complete every task that is presented in each daily video though. You should enjoy the experience in your own time and in a way that fits in with your family. That might mean missing a couple of days and then participating in one longer session.

What if I have more than 1 child?

The more the merrier! There are three options:

1. You are welcome to purchase one video call and Christmas adventure/username for the entire family. Your children will share the Christmas adventure and can capture photos of all their creations together or take it in turns to upload them to their shared journal. The video call will be for the whole family together too.


2. You can choose to purchase one video call for the whole family with which you get one Christmas Adventure for one of your children. You can then go through the process again and set up a new username (on the same email account) and pay an additional £10 for any additional children to have their own Christmas adventure. This way each of your children can follow their own personalised journey in their own time and create their own unique photo journal. The one video call will be for the whole family together.


3. You may only wish to purchase the Christmas adventure without a video call. If this is the case then you can either have a shared experience as per the first option or you can simply purchase one username (on the same email account) per child for £10 each and this way they will follow their own unique Christmas adventure journey as per option 2 minus the video call.

Do I need to provide equipment?

There are a range of activities on offer, some involving no equipment at all and other crafty activities that do require some elements to be provided by you. We have included a list of all items needed throughout the season so you can ensure you are prepared in advance. Lots of the items are standard household objects or things that can be repurposed or recycled to avoid unnecessary waste and make the grown-ups’ life easier!

Do the tasks require supervision?

You know your children best and this question very much depends on their age, capability and your own judgement. The video-led activities include child-friendly guidance from the elves and they will always advise if the children might need an adult to help oversee any cutting/use of glue etc. Some activities such as storytelling are designed to give children their independence and to give you a well-deserved break!

What will I get at the end of the experience?

Throughout the Christmas Adventure journey we will be inviting you and your children to upload various pictures of artwork, creations and special moments. At the end of the experience (Christmas Eve) you will be able to download your own printable PDF file of your children’s incredible festive adventure to keep and treasure forever!

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