From the “Santa of the internet”, Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia has launched Santa HQ to help with Santa’s mission to visit as many families across the world through video call along with App Developers Made By Prism and Ministry of Fun Santa School.

Jimmy Wales dressed as Santa

Of course we all know that Santa has no trouble reaching all the boys and girls around the world on Christmas Eve, but apps are a new venture for him and even Santa needs help sometimes. That’s why he called on his friend, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, to help make sure that everything will run as smooth as ice in the Santa HQ app this year.

Santa will be spending lot’s of time with Mr Wales on the run up to Christmas helping with important things like training on Santa HQ’s video technology and checking lists more than once!

Jimmy brings a wealth of experience, a global reach almost as good as Santa’s, and a shared enthusiasm to make this the most magical Christmas yet.

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